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NX Hosting

Domain registration & Web hosting services

Are you looking for a domain registrar and website hosting? We have a full range of services. With a 24-hours support team, Uptime 99.99%, ready to give advice suitable for your business size.

NX Website

High-quality web platform, the best choice for your first website

Our platform is high-performance, SEO-friendly, intuitive interface, robust security, and low maintenance cost.

NX Development

Consulting, design, and business system development services

We are the veteran team. We have projects in various of business. We are good listeners to create a system that understands you. Even if you are not our customer, we still appreciate giving advice to you.


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Digital transformation คืออะไร?

ย้อนกลับไปในอดีต เมื่อการลงทุนทางด้านเทคโนโลยีเป็นเหมือนของราคาแพง ทำให้มีต้นทุนการที่สูง

We are

Drupal Enthusiast

We use Drupal in various businesses, a ton of case studies with Drupal


Drupal in real life

We especially love Drupal and we use Drupal for plenty of our projects. To be a guideline for studying or developing works for all interested parties. We also have a Drupaldev page dedicated to Drupal development for all interested parties to follow.


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