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We provide full service and solutions in software and website such as consulting, domain name registration, web hosting, online advertising, website development, and website design. and custom workflow development according to your needs

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Software solution

Software solution & customization

We provide software solutions and customize services starting from consulting, designing, development, testing, and system installation. With more than 15 years of experience in the software industry. We are confident that you will get a quality software system. Easy to use and fits well with your business. We also design your system for the lowest operating costs.

Our services cover the following topics

  • Digital transformation consultant
  • System design, analysis, and service integration
  • Business intelligence
  • Big data & AI
  • Software solutions
  • Learning management
  • Drupal expert

Website, E-Commerce & Marketing

Website design and development services we also develop mobile applications. Our team has veteran experience from plenty of projects in various fields of business. We can provide some good advice for you. We also have a platform for websites called nxWEB this platform can kickstart your first website easily.

We also cover the following services below

  • Website design and development
  • Write and arrange content
  • Content translation by language experts
  • Edit and retouch pictures
  • Advertising photography and video editing
  • Online advertising
  • Search engine optimization

Web hosting & domain registration

Cloud server


Our web hosting services selected high-performance Cloud servers. Uptime statistics up to 99.99% per month. Servers located abroad, keep data safe and accessible from everywhere in the world easily.



We provide services for domain name registration and SSL certificate. Choose your desired domain name, we are happy to help config your domains. No need to trouble yourself.



Credibility is very important. Do you still use the free e-mail service? You might get a name that's hard to remember or doesn't seem as reliable as it should be. Would it be better? If you send and receive e-mails with your desired name.


We choose


Installed at the perfect location

Singapore is the best location for a data center because there had the several keys such as

  • High-quality infrastructure
  • High bandwidth interconnection
  • Center communication of the region
  • Democracy government, stable policies
  • Close to Thailand

With these keys above your business website will be accessible at full speed from various locations worldwide.

More visitors, more customers.

Team members

We are good listeners. Do not hesitate to ask us.